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The $1200 music video is what we call a "Standard Shoot" video, where there are no time-consuming film tricks or stunts performed during the shoot or during post-production.  The length of the song must be no more than 5 minutes to get this $1200 rate.  This package includes the full video shoot and all post production, from start to finish.  Even though this is a "budget price", the video will still be up the highest standards in HD quality and will not look like a "budget" video.  As artists ourselves, we won't settle for anything less than an awesome looking video!   Check out the samples below for examples of the "$1200 Music Video" package.  See more selected samples on our "Conceptual Music Videos" page.   






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  • 1 Full Day of Shooting (up to 12 hours) on a high-end HD cinema camera
  • 1 Camera operator/director
  • Storyline collaboration
  • Full lighting set up for any scene
  • All post production
  • Professional-grade color treatment for your video
  • Minor lighting effects and filters in post production