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If you're a Top 40 Band, Dance Band, Tribute Band or any kind of event band playing the club circuit, you know there's plenty of competition out there competing for the same gigs.  You also probably know that most high-end venues and casinos won't even consider you at all if you don't have a promotional video to show your band.  Now you can stand out from all the other bands and get yourself in the door by making a professional promo video to promote your band and showcase what you've got!  We'll come out and shoot your promo video for only $600 flat!  From start to finish!

We'll shoot up to an hour of live footage (or staged) or up to 12 songs

(whichever comes first).  The video will be shot with up to 4 professional high-definition video cameras at a location of your choice.  All 4 cameras will be rolling simultaneously to capture 4 different angles of your performance.  

All post production is included in the package and your video will be fully edited and completed within 3-4 weeks of shooting.  We'll add any logos and information you'd like displayed in the video